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Towing Experts Outlined the Common Mistakes to Avoid While Jumpstarting Your Car

The Common Mistakes to Avoid While Jumpstarting Your Car

It’s pretty easy to jumpstart a car with a dead battery. All you need are the appropriate tools and some fundamental knowledge. Sadly, many drivers disregard the fundamental guidelines for car maintenance, endangering their cars. In this blog, towing professionals listed typical errors you should avoid when jumpstarting your car.


Because the fluids and gases the engine emits are flammable, you shouldn’t smoke anywhere near the engine when jumpstarting your car. In the worst-case scenario, a fire in the hood could start from cigarette ash.

Using No Gloves or Eye Protection

When working on any auto component, it is preferable to ensure your safety. To avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals and fumes while jumpstarting your automobile, put on eye protection and gloves. Itchy eyes or skin may result from battery acid leakage. Consequently, gloves will aid in maintaining a better grip on the cables, while goggles will reduce the risk of eye infections.

Keeping yourself safe is preferable when working on any auto component. To protect yourself from dangerous chemicals and fumes, wear gloves and safety goggles before jumpstarting your automobile. Eye or skin discomfort could result from battery acid leakage. Goggles will reduce the possibility of eye infections, while gloves will improve your grip on the cables.

Using Cheap Cables

Inexpensive jump cables may be easy on your wallet, but they may require expensive repairs. On the other hand, premium jump cables will improve current flow and lower resistance during charging. For best safety, avoid using inexpensive jump wires to start your car.

Leaving the System On

It is dangerous to keep your car’s electric system running while you jumpstart it. As a result, always turn off your car’s lights, air conditioning, and other devices before you jump the battery.

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